Child Led Google

I can't imagine being a parent and not having access to the internet!

Take this evening, for example. My French Immersion seven year old daughter was doing her English reading from Invisible World's "The Digestive System" (Parramon/Socias). She was reading specifically about swallowing (pages 12 and 13, for anyone who has the book), and she commented on how wonderful the illustrations were.

This led to a conversation topic change, from human digestion to careers in art. We googled the illustrator's name (Marcel Socias) and talked about the various ways that art can become one's livelihood.

What a fun conversation! It wouldn't have been nearly as complete without internet access. We've done this many times in the past - gone on virtual knowledge journeys via Google. If she has a question I don't know, I turn to the keyboard.

Lol, I think my tombstone will read: "let's look it up!"